We understand the prohibitive costs of advertising for small businesses because we're a small business too. That's why we've taken our many years of experience and streamlined the process of video advertising. We specialize in high quality professional commercials at the absolute best and lowest price.

  • Angie B

    I have worked with a lot of video editors & I have to say these guys are the best! They go the extra 5 miles – every time. They are skilled, creative, cool & fun to work with. They brought my videos to life & gave it the professional feel, flow, graphics & effects that I needed. Thank you a million times over!

    Angie B
  • The Big Parade

    Diane worked on a lyric video for our Video artist music video series and did an amazing job! The product was delivered extremely fast with excellent communication on her end! The lyric video turned out great with everything we asked for and much more! They really went above and beyond for us on this project and we would absolutely work with them again. Extremely talented and easy to work with! So happy with our finished video!

    The Big Parade
  • William Kurk

    A magnificent job was performed on the video that I needed further editing for by the dynamic wife-husband team at AS IT IS FILMS. I love their creative touch and technical awareness to make the video stand out just right. It’s not over the top, but never boring. I look forward to working with Diane again in the future for other projects on the horizon, and if you’re a creative artist that needs a creative edge with editing, this is your team!

    William Kurk
  • L. Romero

    I’ve had him make 2 videos for me. Both came out great. I work in the military as an AIT school instructor. His video was so good, the Chief in command as well as the CSM had nothing but great things to say. The effects, transitions, everything were on point and awesome! The class loved it! The video was shown in front of around 200 people including family, friends, Officers, and more. His stuff is professional but had just the amount of badass twist that it needed for a military production! I strongly recommend. You surely won’t regret it!!

    L. Romero
  • Eddie Fou Dre Vodka

    I was up against a deadline and Diane and team came through in the clutch for me. Her attitude was awesome and her work was very professional. I would definitely use Diane again and would recommend her to anyone needed video editing services.

    Eddie Fou Dre Vodka
  • Jacquelyn Krieger

    Diane and Blair are talented, quick, and professional. On my project with a short turnaround, they were transparent in terms of their technical and payment needs and true to their word with the timeline. They are capable in their craft, know their tools, and get into the details of a piece. I am extremely happy with my finished product, look forward to working with them again, and highly recommend this dynamic duo.

    Jacquelyn Krieger
  • Nathalie Marrable

    I came across this company through a random search and whatever stars aligned in my favor I thank them! Working with “As It Is Films” was a breeze! From the first connection to the final product, the company was spot on! I highly recommend this brilliant organisation to any artist who is looking for a demo reel and/or any sort of video capture into cohesive form. I handed them a lot of a lot and they delivered something spectacular. Thank you “As It Is Films” for your professional work, I will be using you for all my future needs.

    Nathalie Marrable
  • Todd I.

    It was wonderful working with Diane and her team. They were efficient but thorough. They easily understood my vision, quickly delivered a draft, and were open to my notes to get the project right. I would definitely work with As It Is Films again.

    Todd I.
  • Jamar D

    This is the best highlight tape I have had! They take their time and make sure your video is real presentable to every one! You have to invest in yourself and this is a great investment because it’s all about presentation. I recommend people to spread the word! Thank you again!

    Jamar D
  • Joanna M.

    Working with As It Is Films was great! I needed editing for a film reel and my communication with them was always prompt and easy and I was very pleased with the result. They do excellent work and are easy to work with. Thank you!

    Joanna M.
  • Brittney B

    As it is Films are top notch professionals that take direction well and implement changes in a timely turn-around process. The VFX they added to our music video was exactly what we asked for. It was a pleasure to work with them through Dropbox as our medium for sharing files and Wipster for giving direction notes. We look forward to working with them on our next project.

    Brittney B
  • Darius Chapman

    Man, I love it man! It's a really dope highlights and the edits are crazy! Can't believe you were able to do this using clips from youtube. Thanks again man. I'll let you know how everything goes with the agent and tryouts.

    Darius Chapman
  • Marcus Sanford

    The work Blair and co did was the info ad All Lives Matter –Marcus Sanford at It was a great experience over all. Blair knows how to keep in steady contact by email in an age when email is “old.” Now, keep in mind, this looks really nice when it was undertaken as a low-cost piece of work, so that tells you a lot! Another thing that is good to know is that since I don’t know enough about ‘laying down the tracks or layers’ of material needed, Blair had great judgement on segues and efficiencies and use of time. They were improvements on the script. She also found a newspiece that I didn’t know existed and was already in the FB format, too. I hope to be back.

    Marcus Sanford