• Pre & Post Production

  • $125 / Hr
    $500 / Half Day
    $1000 / Day

  • Video Production & Videography

  • $250 / Hr
    $1000 / Half Day
    $2000 / Day

Pre Production

Pre Production involves writing, scripts, storyboards, hiring, casting, set design, goals.
Pre Production is where everything is organized for Video Production to begin.

Video Production

Video Production is the filming, directing, lighting, sound & overall capture of video content.
This is when all footage and sound is recorded.
As It Is Films video production rates are inclusive of pre production, post production & videography.

Post Production

Post Production involves video editing, graphic design, special effects, color correction, motion graphics, animation & sound to create a final video, tell a story and convey a message.


Videography is the art form of capturing image, light, sound, story, feel, look & vibe for a video.